Born in Milano in 1962
First published work: 1978
Highest Academic degree: degree in Painting at Milano's Brera Academy of Fine Arts (1985).
1988 Fulbright scholarship to attend a course of specialization in Illustration at Art Center College of Design - Pasadena, Ca - U.S.A. 1988/89.
Now I live in Milano sharing a studio with qualified colleagues Giorgio Campioni, Sabrina Stefanini, Sara Migneco, Agostino Cera and Fabio Delvò.
Since 2010 I have started a parallel artistic career which often takes me to Taiwan R.O.C. to exhibit my works.
Member of the Italian Illustrators Association's Board of Directors since 1992
President of the Italian Illustrators Association 2001-2005
President of EIF 2011-2013 (now Board member) - European Illustrators Forum, an organization including all major European Illustrators associations



Grimm Press, Yuan Liou, Tian Xia and Cinken - Taiwan, Charlesbridge Publishing-  USA, Carthusia Edizioni, Mondadori, Sperling & Kupfer, Cideb-Black Cat, PBM, De Agostini, EDT, Marsilio - Italy, and others. My books have been published and re-published in Taiwan, USA, Korea, Japan, Switzerland, Israel, Brasil, China and Italy.


I have cooperated with advertising agencies in both Italy and Taiwan, for clients such as Peugeot, Alfa Romeo, FIAT, IBM, Audi, Mercedes, Volvo, Volkswagen, NEC, South African Airlines, Panasonic, Dr.Scholl's, Lancome, Taiwan Folk Village amusement park, Leo Foo Village Theme Park, Mattel, Clarks, Henkel, Disney, Heineken, San Pellegrino, Coca Cola, Danone, Gardaland, Speedo, Schweppes, Skype, Sony and more.

Non Governmental Organisations

WWF, Emergency, Action Aid, the Jane Goodall Institute - Taiwan, The United Euro Bridge - UK, FuBon Art Foundation - Taiwan, AIL - Italian Leukemia Association, LILA - Italian AIDS Association, Animal Amnesty and others.


I have collaborated with a few advertising companies in Italy and Taiwan in the making of short animations for TV and web, for clients such as Henkel, Bostik and Fubu store and worked on some personal projects now visible on Youtube.


Teacher of introduction to professional practices in visual communication at Milano's IED European Design Institute - since 2005
Teacher of Conceptual Illustration at Milano's European Design Institute since 2004
Professional counselor and advisor for the Italian Association of Illustrators AI since 2009
Speaker on professional issues and fair practices for authors and illustrators at Bologna Children's Book Fair for the Italian Illustrators Association and the European Illustrators Forum since 2004.


Third prize at Lake Art Award, ‘Spirito del Lago – Spirit of the Lake’ painting contest, Dongo, Como 2018;
Special LYRA-FILA Award for best image made in traditional techniques, AI Annual 2017;
Gold Medal Award in the "Self-promotion" section of AI Annual 2016;
Gold Medal Award in the "Exhibitions" section of AI Annual 2015;
Award for the video "Where do we go from here" on Vimeo, Sept. 2014;
Second Prize at the International Illustration Competition "Colourful Rights - We are the future" 2014;
First Prize at the international illustration competition "Beyond the line" 2010;
Special Mention at the international illustration competition Bimbi Volanti (Flying Kids) 2008;
Junior Library Guild 2009 for my book "Galileo and the Leaning Tower experiment" Charlesbridge Publishing, US;
Italian Illustration Awards, Annual 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017;
Second Prize at the International Illustration Competition Torino City of Culture 2002;
MEDIASTARS Prize 1996 for best billboard advertising illustration for NEC;
Best Editorial Illustration Award Annual 2 - 1995;
Special award for the illustration competition "Coop: 150 years' co-operation" 1995;
Twice selected for the Bologna Children's Book Fair in 1999-2000.


Some of my works have been displayed in various exhibitions in Italy, France, Greece, Cuba, Hungary, England, USA, Iran and Taiwan. A few works are now part of private collections and one is included in the collection of the Granatieri di Sardegna Historical Museum in Rome.

Recent exhibitions include:

2019Summer Story - 一諾藝術 INNO ART Gallery, Zhubei, Taiwan
 Points of View觀 點 – Xiao Rusong Art Park Songhe, Zhudong Town, Taiwan
 “Milano Postcards Extra” (ce) – Galleria V.Emanuele II, Milan
 “La donna, il mito, la fantasia – Omaggio a Pippa Bacca” (ce) – Repart, Milan 
 “Idee in Fuga” (ce) – BASE, Milan
 “Pop Art Protest – Banksy vs. Bansky” (ce) – Repart, Milan
 Points of View 觀點 – Taichung Jade market - Tian-Mu square, Taichung, Taiwan
2018 - “Posters of TROY” (ce) - Onsekiz Mart University, Çanakkale, Turkey
 “20 artists for a Noble project” (ce) – Maccagno, Italy
 “Kaiju King” (ce) - Dada Boom, Viareggio, Italy
 Points of View 觀點 – Hungquang University Art Center, Taichung, Taiwan
 Milano Postcards (ce) – Galleria V.Emanuele II, Milan
 Paolo Rui at Changhua Run Art Festival, White Cube Cafe, Changhua, Taiwan
 Il Vignaiolo Universale – Villa Necchi Campiglio, Milan
2017 - Annual Illustratori 2017 - Laboratorio Formentini, Milano (ce)
 “Yún fēitiān – Flying Clouds” – Arts Dot 2, Taichung, Taiwan (ce)
 “168” - Xianheng Hall Gallery, Taichung, Taiwan
 グループ展 Kajiu-ou the Monster King", Livorno, Italy (ce)
 Future Printmaking “AHM Gallery, Taipei“ Taiwan (ce)
 Diritti a Colori “Fondazione Malagutti“ Sala Borsa, Bologna (ce)
2016 “Island”, “– Let’s Art Gallery, Puli, Taiwan
 Coincidences ( ) - Xianheng Hall Gallery, Taichung, Taiwan
 Educa (ce) “Palazzo Istruzione“ Rovereto
 Milano Postcards (ce) - Spazio Lambrate, Milan
2015 - HOME? - 翊綺藝術 - White Cube Cafe', Changhua - Taiwan
 IMAGES for CLIMATE! - Associazione Autori di Immagini FB page (ce)
 Monkey business - Open Box Art Stage, Taichung, Taiwan
 HOME? - 翊綺藝術 - Let's Art Gallery - Puli - Taiwan
 Cartografie dell'Immaginario (ce) - Pad. Chiarini Carletti, La Quercia, Viterbo
2014 - Diritti a Colori (ce) - Casa Mantegna - Mantua
 Brand Art (ce) - Palazzo Isimbardi - Milan
 Where do I dream? - Open Box Art Gallery, Taichung - Taiwan
 Flights of Fancy  - YouYishu Art Gallery - Puli - Taiwan
 Rione comics! (ce) - Palazzo Gentili Spinola, Foligno
 Grimm Press (a retrospective) - National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts - Taichung, Taiwan
 Art or Craft or somewhere in between? - Hsiuping University of Science and Technology - Dali, Taichung, Taiwan
2013 - Diritti a Colori (ce) - Palazzo Te' - Mantua
 Annual Illustratori 2013 (ce) - Sala San Leonardo, Cannaregio - Venice
 Aerial Inspiration - Open Box Art Gallery, Taichung - Taiwan - Paolo Rui at Musterring Store - Taichung Taiwan
 Equilibrium - Anadema Hair Stylists - Milan
2012 - Occasional Dimorphisms - Anadema - Milan
 Annual Illustratori 2012 (ce) - Sala San Leonardo, Cannaregio - Venice
 Movements - Open Box Art Gallery - Taichung, Taiwan
 Traveller's metamorphosis (ce) - Stelline Art Gallery - Milan
2011 - Milano in Bilico (Milan on the wobble) - Spazio Arte Tolomeo - Milan
 Open Box (ce) - Open Box Art Gallery - Taichung, Taiwan
 Annual Illustratori 2011 (ce) - NABA - Milan - 'Flight' - 4 artists live painting performance - Milan
 Made in Taiwan (ce) - La Cornice bookstore - Cantu', Italy
2010 - Paolo Rui - Canottieri Milano Sport Club - Milan
 TNAU Exhibition (ce) “Taiwan New Arts Union Gallery“ Tainan, Taiwan
 Annual Illustratori 2010 (ce) - Hoepli Bookstore - Milan

(ce) - Collective exhibition

Paolo Rui  - 藝術家,插畫家

1985年  畢業於米蘭Brera美術學院   專攻繪畫
1988年獲獎學金赴美國加州Art Center college of Design進修

米蘭歐洲設計學院 (Istituto Europeo di Design ) 插畫教授
曾任義大利插畫家協會主席,  (2001-2005)
曾任歐洲插畫家論壇主席 (2011-2013 )

許多知名企業合作,包括Peugeot, Alfa Romeo, FIAT, IBM, NEC, South African Airlines, Panasonic, Dr.Scholl's, Mattel, Clarks, Henkel, Disney, Heineken, Sanpellegrino, Coca Cola, Danone, Gardaland, Speedo, Schweppes, Sony等。

台灣方面: 富邦藝術基金會,六福村, 台灣民俗村, 雀巢咖啡

繪本 — 曾與許多知名出版公司合作, 其中包括台灣的格林出版公司及遠流出版社, 美國 Charlesbridge Publishing , 義大利Carthusia Edizioni, Mondadori, Sperling & Kupfer, Cideb-Black Cat, PBM, De Agostini
動畫 –- 曾和義大利和台灣的廣告公司合作動畫短片, 客戶包括Henkel, Bostik 等
藝術創作 –-  2010 年開始在義大利和台灣舉辦個人畫展和聯展, 作品包括繪畫,版畫,雕塑等

2016 年參與客家電視台”客家熱點子"節目

2010 年 義大利 Mantova國際插畫競賽  首獎
2009 年  繪本 “ 伽俐略和比薩斜塔 “  ( 美國 Charlesbridge Publishing Publishing 出版 ) , 獲選為年度優良讀物
2006,2007,2008,2009, 2010,2011,2012,2013,2014,2015,2016, 2017, 2018 年, 作品分別入選並刊登在義大利插畫年鑑
2002年  獲義大利杜林國際插畫競賽特別獎
1995年  義大利插畫年鑑最佳插畫獎

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