"Points of View" - "觀點", my new exhibition

The exhibition, will be on display at Hung Quang University Art Center 弘光科技大學藝術中心 from October 22, until November 23. Grand opening on Thursday October 25.
Original painting: "Points of View" - "觀點"
2018 - Acrylic and oil on canvas 76x53cm (72x49cm)
Bird: Taiwanese Red Oriole, Oriolo taiwanese rosso, 台灣朱鸝

Baodao Exhibition Tea Party

You are all invited this coming Saturday Oct.6 at 14:30
My works, tea and coffee, friends and myself, too.
¡Todos ustedes están invitados! - Siete tutti invitati! - 你們都歡迎!

No. 301, Fengfu Rd. (Rich Road!), Taichung City - 台中市豐富路301號(寶島咖啡)
An event co-hosted by I-Te Jewellery.



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Italian Wall Design

My works on IWD – Italian Wall Design


During Milan's Design Week, Italian Wall Design has organised the "IWD DECORPARTY" at prestigious Decorlab in via Tortona, 31.

Milano Postcards

A well-thought initiative created and designed by the famous Italian illustrator Costanza Favero. It’s an original view on the city of Milan through the eyes of artists including Cinzia Battistel, Manuela Bertoli, Chiara Bigatti, Julia Binfield, Franco Brambilla, Conc, Paolo D'Altan, Lorenzo Donati, Costanza Favero, Paola Formica, Gabriella Fratter, Beppe Giacobbe, Gabriella Giandelli, Marcella Peluffo, Guido Rosa, Andrea Rui, Paolo Rui, Alessandra Scandella, Franco Sinatra, Renato Sorrentino, Michele Tranquillini, Serena Viola.

The exhibition has been displayed in various prestigious venues in Milano:

– Centro Culturale Giuseppe Verdi, Segrate, Milan
- Milano Postcards (ce) – Galleria V.Emanuele II, Milan
- Galleria SBLU Spazioalbello, Milano
- Spazio Lambrate, Milan


Arts Dot2 – Taichung, Taiwan

【活動分享】創意彩繪家 路跑樂 (Paolo Rui)〈一場趣味又有益身心的活動〉


活動時間:2018/10/12 星期五 16:00-17:30
台中市南區復興路三段362號B07 (台中文創園區)
藝術家:路跑樂Paolo Rui (來自義大利的藝術家、設計師、教師)

跟著路跑樂Paolo Rui一起分享藝術的概念,暢談藝術、靈感與快樂的生活!


CREATING THINGS (it’s fun and it’s healthy)
An entertaining workshop for professional artists, amateurs, kids, seniors, families... anyone!

With Paolo Rui (artist, designer and teacher)
We will play together with the concept of creation, talking about art, inspiration and a happy life.
Bring your pens, markers, pastels and colours, because we will put theory into practice!
FREE event!

Arts Dot 2 is a brilliant idea of Taiwan’s artist Mr.Hung Yi. In late 2015 he inaugurated a showroom in an old beer factory’s building in Taichung, Taiwan. It now displays his works, mine and those by famous Taiwanese artists E. Wang, Lijun Yang, Wang Chengen, Lin Shukai, Keyan Ru, Liu Yilang, Hòu Gōng Yù Jiàng, Zhang Hemin, Yǎn Chóng Jìhuà, Chen Taihua, Huangbai Wei, Mr. Black chicken, Lián Jiànxìng, Liuzhe Rong and Zheng Dūnhòu (大腸王、李俊陽、汪承恩、林書楷、洪易、柯燕茹、柳依蘭、厚工育匠、張和民、眼蟲計劃、陳泰樺、黃柏維、黑雞先生、路跑樂、連建興、劉哲榮、鄭敦厚.