My ball, my game 7

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My ball, my game 7 – La mia palla, il mio gioco 7 – 我的球,我的

遊戲 7


2018 – Acrylic and oil on canvas – 壓克力顏料,油畫顏料,畫布 – 20x20cm
Bird: Rigogolus Romanus, 羅馬斯朱鸝 (Red Roman Oriole)

This is a painting of a series I have recently created, dealing with the ‘beautiful game’ of Football, where players are actually team-colour-feathered birds.
I wanted to concentrate on the amusing aspects of this game, whose essence is in a ball and a group of friends having fun with it.
This one in particular represents a “Rigogulus Romanus” in action. It’s an afternoon game and probably it will be tea-time soon. A scone anyone?

Sport is or should be important in anyone’s life. For the little ones it’s just playtime, the joy to move and being with friends; the ball is just an excuse to have fun together.

© Paolo Rui. All rights reserved






This small canvas is shipped inside an envelope and protected against humidity. It comes with a signed and dated certificate of authenticity like the one displayed above.

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