My ball, my game 9

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My ball, my game 9 – La mia palla, il mio gioco我的球,我的

遊戲 9


2019 – Acrylic and oil on canvas – 壓克力顏料,油畫顏料,畫布 – 50x50cm
Bird: Rigogulus Interensis 國際米蘭朱鸝 (Inter Milan black and blue Oriole)

This is a painting of a series I have recently created, dealing with the ‘beautiful game’ of Football, where players are actually team-colour-feathered birds.
I wanted to concentrate on the amusing aspects of this game, whose essence is in a ball and a group of friends having fun with it.
This one in particular represents a “Rigogulus Interensis” in action. It’s an evening match and probably it’s going to end when dinner is ready.

Sport is or should be important in anyone’s life. For the little ones it’s just playtime, the joy to move and being with friends; the ball is just an excuse to have fun together.

© Paolo Rui. All rights reserved






Due to its size, in order not to get the painting damaged during shipment, it is rolled up into a protected tube, therefore you’ll need to provide yourself for a 100x70x2cm wooden frame to stretch and mount it on. Frame shops can surely help you do it in the best possible way.

The canvas is rolled up and protected against humidity. It comes with a signed and dated certificate of authenticity like the one displayed above.

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