CROWN, a famous Taiwanese literary magazine has used two of my works for their first 2020 Issue. The original artwork is on display at INNO Art Gallery in Hsinchu, Taiwan.
對義大利藝術家路跑樂(Paolo Rui)而言,創作是面對這個瘋狂世界的一種玩樂方式。現年57歲的他,因緣際會來到臺灣,甚至成為臺灣女婿。喜愛大自然的他,作品往往以動物為主角,反應藝術家身處現代社會的心境。他描繪過十二生肖、臺灣朱鸝,以及我們的國民大象─林旺與馬蘭。此外,路跑樂也經常透過「圓型」的結構,呈現出各種動植物憨態可掬的一面,成為他的一大特色。

黃士航 “About Paolo Rui’s cute animal fable
For Italian artist Paolo Rui, creation is a fun way to face this crazy world.
Now 57 years old, he has come to Taiwan thanks to fate, and has even become a son-in-law of Taiwan.
He loves nature and his works often use animals as protagonists, reflecting the artist’s perspective of modern society.
He has painted the zodiac signs, Zhu Xi from Taiwan, and our national elephants, Lin Wang and Malan. In addition, he often uses a “round” structure to show various aspects of animals and plants, which has become a major feature of his work. In humorous style, Paolo Rui’s paintings actually deal with many social issues; for instance in “They Are Looking At Us 2”, two cute little pigs peep behind a wall. At first glance, it is a very pleasing image. Then one can find that the wall is filled with the slogans of the totalitarian government in George Orwell’s famous book “1984”: “War is peace, freedom is slavery, ignorance is strength”, thereby expressing the artist’s attention to contemporary social issues.

With its concise and powerful pictures, Paolo Rui sparkes the sympathy of many art lovers, and he’s one of the artists based on Hsinchu’s INNO Art, a gallery that in a friendly way introduces different types of contemporary art.
An attitude that also has similarities with Paolo Rui’s concept.”
Simon Huang