“Rrubie’s Tree-House” Orange Farmhouse – Taiwan

Rrubie’s Tree-House has finally been inaugurated in the presence of many guests, artists, artists’ friends and relatives, local authorities and the constructors. Only one person was missing: me, the designer. This Covid-19 pandemic has had also minor consequences such as this. Taiwan has done a Great job in preventing the spread of the virus and fortunately I was ‘virtually’ present through the means of modern technology.
Rrubie’s Tree House is built using recyclable and recycled materials only and it’s located at Orange Farmhouse, a beautiful resort in Zhuolan, on an elevated plateau in central Taiwan, famous for its organic-grown fruit.
The tree-house will entertain kids and families visiting the area and it’s an artistic presence that is going to be added to the list of artworks created there these past few years. Some time from now, the whole area will be characterised by both its natural beauties and artistic presence.
Thanks to Mooz Lee for the video, to Mingts Yu for her help, to Sarah Yu for all the pictures and support.